Tips for Walking on Concrete All Day

Tips for Walking on Concrete All Day

In routine, people have to walk on hard surfaces. But those who walk on concrete floors for hours have to be a bit cautious. They should follow tips for walking on concrete all day; otherwise, they may experience swollen feet and back pain. 

Tips for Walking on Concrete All Day

Different jobs require constant walking or standing. Such professionals include lawyers, nurses, teachers, factory workers, laborers, flight attendants, and much more. If you have to stand or walk on a concrete floor, the best solution is to put cork or carpet there. But if that’s not possible, you can go for a few solutions that will protect your feet from any pain or damage.   

If suffering from foot pain, you can’t consider just a single reason to be its cause. So, don’t apply a single remedy every time. In this guide, we’ll discuss different tips for walking on concrete all day.    

1. Wear Right Shoes 

People working in airports, medical institutions, factories, educational institutes have to spend the entire day on concrete floors. By wearing right-sized shoes, they can prevent foot injuries.

It would be better to use running shoes that come with a perfectly designed midsole. Such soles give proper support to the arch’s soft tissues. Eventually, the stress distributes evenly, and your feet don’t feel pain even when standing for long on hard surfaces.

Put orthopedic inserts in the shoes you wear daily. It lessens the stress on the legs, feet, and back. Moreover, please don’t wear the same shoes every day because it can also cause feet pain. 

2. Avoid High Heels

High heels look fantastic, but it’s good to avoid them in your daily routine because walking for 8 hours in high heels could be uncomfortable. It is not that good for your health because it can put pressure on the ball of your feet. Not only this, but it may lead to plantar fasciitis disease. So, it is better to avoid heels to keep your feet relaxed. 

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3. Prefer Suitable Sole

It would be best to remember that soles perfect for other uses will not be the right option for concrete surfaces. If you wear shoes with thin soles on hard surfaces, get ready for feet pain.

Always choose thick sole shoes for walking on concrete. Along with that, the quality insoles can also give a lot of relief from pain. Protalus Insoles are made for those people who have to walk and stand on concrete floors. These insoles are suitable for Achilles tightness, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hammertoes, Morton’s neuroma, and lower back pain. 

4. Use Quality Socks

To keep your feet relaxed, you should wear moisture-wicking and padded cushioning socks. That is a better remedy for preventing your toes from blisters. The socks should be according to your feet size and comfortable.  

5. Use Anti-Fatigue Mats

Keep anti-fatigue mats to make the hard surface easy to walk on in your workplace. These mats are best for reducing pain resulting from walking or standing on the concrete floor for long hours. When it comes to selecting mats, different material mats are available in the market.

You can choose from rubber, vinyl, wood, or carpet mats. Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for preventing feet pain, but prolonged standing on a concrete floor may cause back pain even when using these mats. 

6. Stand in Right Posture

When you walk or stand on the concrete floor, never forget to maintain the correct posture. Wrong postures are a key to feet and back pain. So, don’t put much pressure on your feet when you have to walk on concrete all day. 

7. Keep Changing Positions 

If you walk on concrete for 8 hours a day, along with wearing comfortable shoes and socks, try to take a rest by sitting or changing positions. Keep a stool near to you where you can sit from time to time during working hours. But if you cannot sit, keep a small step stool for making one of your feet relax periodically. 

8. Reduce the Bag’s Weight

The bag or heavy stuff you carry also causes stress in your feet. The bags with more weight affects you in two ways. Firstly, more weight puts lots of pressure on your feet, and secondly, it is also not good for your posture. And you know bad posture can cause excessive pain in your lower back and feet.  


Above, we discussed some valuable tips for walking on concrete all day because working people are a common problem. The concrete floor seems to be the basic reason for causing the feet pain, but many other factors are responsible for that issue. Such factors include wearing quality and right shoes and socks, using anti-fatigue mats, and many others. Keeping all essential remedies in your view makes it not tricky to get rid of feet pain caused by walking on concrete all day.

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