Effects Of Standing On Concrete Floor

Effects Of Standing On Concrete

Keeping your body in the same position, especially for a longer period, is like torture! You can already imagine the different pains that will arise afterward. If your workplace or institution requires you to stand in lines, stay stationed or work while standing, then you know exactly what we are talking about. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking here about the effects of standing on concrete.

Effects Of Standing On Concrete

Most of these places have hard, brittle, and rough concrete flooring. Even in homes, the surface is not any better. Tiles and marbles are also included in hard surfaces where a person might stand for a long period. These floorings have harmful effects on the human body, which we will discuss below and guide you to prevent.

Effects on body

It is undoubtedly much more painful for the body to withstand a completely stationary position for a very long time, especially if it is on a hard surface such as concrete. It may trigger several pains and may lead up to serious diseases. 

Foot Pain

Standing on concrete or any other hard flooring results in physical pain in the foot. It can cause hardening of skin under toes, and heels which will eventually lead to calluses. The calluses can get infected and can also form corns which hurt your feet while walking. In such a case, you might need to visit a physician and a dermatologists. 

If your posture is not right then, you might also experience ankle pain and swelling.

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Muscle Pain

When a person stays standing on a concrete surface without changing posture, their thigh and upper thigh muscles stiffen. These muscles, especially when exposed to cold air such as a fan or air conditioner, become sore and cause pain.

Back Pain

Postural stress is very common in such cases where standing on concrete floor can be harmful. While standing, if we do not choose a good posture, then it might ultimately lead to back pain and spinal problems. When the human body is in an upright position, all the weight falls on the lower body. This position is one of the common causes of lower back pain.

Knee Pain

Prolonged standing on concrete applies much stress on the knees. It also depends on your standing posture, but overall, knee pain is almost inevitable. 

Joint Damaging

Not only knees but also neck and shoulder joints, when remaining stationary, cause a lot of pain to the body. 

Make it Easier!

If it is nearly impossible to avoid the concrete flooring at your workplace or home, then the following tips might come in handy for you to ease the body pain.

Cover The Flooring

A softer and comfortable surface is much easier to walk on. If you have to stand on it for longer, it wouldn’t be as painful as the concrete floor.

Placing proper coverings on the floor can be very helpful such as a carpet, rubber mat, or rugs. The mats are especially more effective. They are made of rubber or vinyl, which are comforting for the feet. 

Choose your Footwear

Your choice of footwear is also very important for the health of your feet. Make sure to pick soft-soled shoes or use the best insoles for walking on concrete floor so that your foot is always on a soft surface. Good footwear will also prevent calluses and corns and reduce pain caused by the concrete surface. If your work relates to walking as well, then good joggers are also a beneficial option.

Mind Your Posture

Sometimes when we have to stand for a long time, we tend to stand on one foot and let the other lose. Or any bad posture that you adopt to compensate for the pain of standing on concrete will eventually cause you even more pain later. It is important to keep your back upright and adopt a healthy posture to avoid postural stress. Also, constantly change your standing position so that your muscles and joints keep moving.

An Extra Tip

An extra tip is to keep the flooring dry and clean. Wet flooring or any slippery material present on it can lead to an accident. You might slip and fall or miss your footing. 


We hope this article was beneficial for your knowledge as well as for your health. Following the precautions given above, you can avoid the bad effects of standing on concrete. This way, you will lead a healthy life.

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