Can you wear running shoes for walking on concrete

can i wear running shoes for walking

Can you wear running shoes for walking on concrete? Answering this question is as easy as ABC, and it is. We can simply just say yes or no. 

Before answering this question, we want you to give this article a read till the end. In this article, we will be discussing the difference between running and walking, types of running, and walking shoes, and in the last, we will be answering the question stated above. 

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Can you wear running shoes for walking on concrete?

Running and walking both somehow are similar activities. Running shoes or walking shoes? Which one is best, or which one provides more benefits? It is the question that arises in the mind of people. 

Running Vs. Walking

Here is a brief discussion about the difference between running and walking.


Technically walking and running differ in foot strike.

  • While you are running, your front foot and midfoot strike the ground. While walking on the ground, the heel strikes the ground first.
  • Also, while walking, one foot is always in contact with the ground while your other foot is in the air. In another case, while running, both feet should be in the air at some point.

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Muscles used

  • Almost the same muscles are involved while running and walking. The muscles involved while running and walking include hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. Also, arms, shoulder, and core muscles are involved. 
  • The difference is the intensity of the workout, as walking is a low-intensity and low-impact workout, whereas running is a high-intensity and high-impact workout.

Calories burned

  • As compared to walking running burns 30% more of the calories for the same distance. The reason behind this is running is an intense form of workout. Almost both, i.e., running and walking, have their own benefits. 

These are some of the differences between waking and running.

Besides these differences both running and walking plays an important role in our health. Walking regularly with punctuality reduces the risk of heart and muscular diseases. In short, there are a lot of health benefits of walking and running. 

Now let’s look at the difference between running shoes and walking shoes.

Running shoes Vs. walking shoes

Running shoes and walking shoes are both designed according to their own needs and purposes.

Shoe weight

Walking shoes are a little heavier than running shoes so that it will be easy for you to maintain stability while walking whereas, running shoes are lightweight so that it is easy for you to move your feet more quickly.


Either you are walking or running, you want shoes that make you feel comfortable and easy during your physical activity, i.e., running and walking. 

If you are running, you want shoes that have more cushioning, mostly in the forefoot and heel but in case you are walking, you don’t need such cushioning; rather, you will need shoes that have good foot support. 


The flexibility of the shoe matters! Either you are running or walking. The only difference between running shoes and walking shoes is where flexibility is?

For instance, if you are walking, we prefer you to buy shoes with good arch flexibility. And they also have a good flex at the ball of the foot. 

Similarly, if you are running, we prefer you to select shoes with less flexibility at the ball of the foot and great flexibility in the midfoot or arch. 

Above are some of the differences between walking shoes and running shoes. Now, look upon the types and characteristics of shoes while walking and running.

Types of shoes while running   

If you are running, then your shoes must have these characteristics:

Low heel

Your shoes must have a low heel. There is a trend of wearing high heel shoes, but if you are wearing shoes for running purposes, we prefer you to choose shoes with low heels.


Make sure you have flexible shoes. The shoes that you are wearing for running purposes must be flexible at the forefoot. Not too much flexible but flexible from the forefoot. It helps you to run steady, comfortably without any hurdles.

These are some of the characteristics of running shoes. Now let’s have a glance at the characteristics of walking shoes.

Types of shoes while walking

If you are walking, then your shoes must contain these characteristics.

Cushioned shoes

Cushioned shoes are best for walking if you are walking on a hard surface or if you are walking long distances. Cushions shoes help you to walk comfortably.

Made up of synthetic material

Walking shoes must be made up of leather or any synthetic materials.

These are some of the characteristics of walking shoes. Now you can easily choose the best shoes for walking on concrete 2022.

Answering question

Now, the wait is over! It’s time to answer the question which is the main topic of our article. 

The answer could be yes or no. this is because it depends on the person. If a person is comfortable wearing running shoes for walking, then it’s alright. The answer to this question varies from person to person. 

We have given all the information about waking shoes and running shoes, which type of can i wear running shoes for walking must you have for each, i.e., walking and running, what are the features of running and walking shoes, and most importantly, what is the difference between these two. If you are comfortable with running shoes while walking, then it is absolutely fine. In other situations, if you want to have separate shoes for running and a separate pair of shoes for walking, then you can.

According to us, the answer to this question is YES! You can wear running shoes for walking if it makes you comfortable and you don’t have the best shoes for walking on concrete floors. 

We hope that the answer to this question is clear, and we hope we have provided you the information that is up to mark and all the relevant information regarding this topic.

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